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Netflix releases 8-bit game featuring Narcos and Stranger Things

Goodbye, productivity.

Netflix releases 8-bit game featuring Narcos and Stranger Things
10 January 2017

It’s been a while since TV or films were turned into 8-bit autoscrolling games. Remember the Rambo game on NES? Ah, sweet nostalgia. 

Thankfully Netflix is characteristically here to fill the void, although seemingly unprompted.

The TV giant has just released Netflix Infinite Runner featuring your favourite characters like Pablo Escobar (Narcos), Piper Chapman (Orange Is The New Black), Marco Polo (Marco Polo) and Mike Wheeler (Stranger Things).

The premise is simple. Run and hit your spacebar to jump over obstacles related to the character you’re playing with.

Backgrounds and music are themed to the shows too; Escobar runs through the Columbian countryside collecting cocaine and jumping over Search Bloc officers while Mike Wheeler darts past forestry leaping over Papa and his guards, collecting Eggos as he flees the Demogorgon.        

Netflix's Stranger Things run and jump game

It’s about as addictive as the shows themselves, so you can say adios to your productivity for today.

Play the game here.