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Need a decent footballer for your 5-a-side team? Adidas can help

Adidas' Rent-a-Pred hotline transforming 5-a-side football since 2020.

Need a decent footballer for your 5-a-side team? Adidas can help
Danielle de Wolfe
05 February 2020

Have you ever found yourself hyped up for a game of 5-a-side footy, only to receive the dreaded ‘sorry mate, I can’t make it’ text. Fear not, however, for adidas has set up a Rent-a-Pred hotline to solve your missing player woes.

Man down? No problem. Rent-a-Pred is here to give you an unfair advantage on the pitch.

The new campaign trailer posted to the brand’s Instagram account depicts one of the dodgiest retro hotline adverts you’ll ever see.

“Have you recently been let down? Has a teammate been taking liberties?” the clip declares, before announcing the sports giant’s new rent-a-pred scheme is here to help.

“Seems unfair? Rent-a-Pred is unfair. 100% unfair.” claims the insta trailer.

So how exactly does it work?

Well, according to the clip, in case of emergency you need to WhatsApp the word PRED to 07444 081 752. From there, adidas take a host of details about your game including venue and location and claim they’ll send you one of London’s best ballers in their place.⁣

The hotline can provide players for matches between Tuesday 4th February and Sunday 9th February, so if you’re looking to upgrade your 4-a-side match, adidas has it covered.

Novel little concept, isn’t it?

Their WhatsApp response comes complete with what can only be described as the most lad-ish clip known to man, telling you the best ‘baller’ in London is set to be delivered straight to you.

The only drawback? The concept is restricted to the London area, so if you’re in need of a striker in the outer Glasgow area, chances are you’ll be waiting a while.

The texter will receive a message the morning of their game to say whether their application has been successful, with YouTube freestyle football stars The F2 stepping for games, alongside a host of other renowned adidas family members.

It goes without saying that participants will be kitted out with adidas’ brand-new Predator20 Mutator football boots during matches. After all, everyone needs an ‘unfair advantage' over their opponents.