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Adidas reveals Predator 20 Mutator boots - covered in demonskin

Devilishly good looking, they're set to offer players an unfair advantage

Adidas reveals Predator 20 Mutator boots - covered in demonskin
Danielle de Wolfe
21 January 2020

Ready to unleash hell on the football pitch? The time has come for adidas’ highly anticipated Predator Mutator 20 boots to be revealed to the world - and boy do they look the part.

First thing’s first, we need to talk about those jagged edges erupting through the boot’s upper. There are 406 to be precise. Are they inspired by Minecraft? Have they arrived direct from the depths of hell?

Whatever the case, the jagged finish has a suitably edgy name to boot - it’s time to welcome Demonskin.

adidas’ innovative new material, Demonskin, has been designed to give you better overall control and is said to add a fierce bend to the ball.

We think that’s called unfair advantage.

The deadly ‘scales’ emerge through the upper, meaning the plane of interconnected hooks have added durability (compared to ones stuck on top of the shoe for the sake of looks).

The oil-slick inspired chrome soleplate and rear studs are, in fact, a work of art - and we’re pretty sure they’d trump some of the Tate’s current offerings. Just saying.

There are also bonus features on the 20+ offering, with a lengthened primeknit collar that the brand claims cradles the Achilles and offers added stability. It’s a laceless offering that is as pleasing on the eye as any boots we’ve seen.

And let’s not forget the 20.1 model which is also available for those who aren’t fans of the lengthened collar. It also has the same lace-up detail seen in the recently released adidas Predator Archive Limited Edition mash-up boots.

It goes without saying that these will be snapped up fast - with something for every level of player.

Those hoping to get their feet in a pair should hop on over to the Prodirectsoccer store now and see if you’re lucky enough to secure a pair.

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