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MR. PORTER's Gitman Vintage capsule channels Elvis in Hawaii vibes

Mahalo, lads

MR. PORTER's Gitman Vintage capsule channels Elvis in Hawaii vibes

The sun’s out so, it follows, that the Hawaiian shirts are out. 

Homer Simpson’s line that Hawaiian shirts were only worn by “big fat party animals” may still be true, but with MR. PORTER’s new Gitman Vintage capsule, it means the rest of us can get involved, even if you only resemble a quarter of the words The Simpsons described. 

Gitman have been makers of fine American shirting since founders Max, Alfie, and Shelly Gitman first picked up the needle and thread in 1932, when Max left New York and set up the Ashland Shirt & Pajama Company in the coal mining town of Ashland, Pennsylvania. One of the few remaining shirt makers with all our production based in the USA, Gitman Bros. launched in 1978 with Gitman Vintage launching in 2008, paying tribute to the brand's rich heritage and timeless design… and now they’re doing Hawaiian shirts!

Made from cotton-blends with punchy floral prints and a on-trend-as-hell camp-collar, the Gitman take on summer attire comes in six styles – from beach-holiday Elvis navy and pink to a more subtle olive green and magnolia offering – and is immensely wearable, with a ‘50s-style design and fit that’ll make even the shlubbist Joe look like a million bucks. Mahalo, motherfuckers.

MR. PORTER’s Gitman Vintage capsule collection is available to buy now