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These are the most physically attractive men in the world, according to Reddit

Things are about to get beautiful

These are the most physically attractive men in the world, according to Reddit
03 August 2017

You’ve showered from head to toe, manicured, pedicured, you’ve selected your best outfit. You look in the mirror, you fix your hair, you look in the mirror again. You flash your best smile and point towards your reflection.

“That,” you think, “that, right there in front of me, that hunk of a man, that is perfection.” You’ve nailed it. Nothing can stop you.

And then you look on your phone, see a picture of Chris Hemsworth come up on your feed and then you think, “No. No, turns out I was wrong. I am nothing compared to that unfathomably beautiful man. Curse my weak genes and even weaker grasp on an appropriate beauty regime.”

But it’s not your fault. What can you do? Some people don’t rely on Maybelline – they were just born with it. But who was born with the most? Well, that’s a question that got people talking on a recent Reddit thread, with the fairly self-explanatory title ‘Who do you think is the most physically attractive man in the world?”

Here are the suggestions put forward. Stand back, and accept that you are in the presence of greatness.

torontogirl98: Matt Bomer for sure. Watching him wear the hell out of suits on White Collar is a spiritual experience.

igotdickfordays: Henry Cavill. Absolutely perfect body. If you haven't seen Man From Uncle you need to. That guy looks amazing in whatever clothes they put on him! My wife doesn't agree but she thought I was good looking so I don't trust her opinion.

caphesuadapapi: My friend dated him for a while! She's a very average-looking girl (but super charismatic). I think she didn't even find him to be super attractive. She thought he was almost too generically good-looking. Apparently he's an absolute gent, too. Just didn't work out between them, but no hard feelings

mhol7597: Nikolaj Coster-Walder.... I probably misspelled that but Jamie Lannister.

PersonMcNugget: You misspelled Jaime too lol. But yeah, he's not hard on the eyes.

Sunnygreenlover: Jason Momoa

dubiouscontraption: Did you see that video of him drinking a beer and throwing a knife? fans self

drogocarl: That guy just oozes pure sex energy. He's like a lion in a male form. Makes me sad I'll never get a night with him

Sopherista: Chris Hemsworth. Definitely.

Time2Mire: Glad to see someone knows what male perfection looks like.

kill_monkey: I'm a straight male and find him irresistible. My wife knows. She's cool with it.

speed-kitten: Pietro Boselli. The fact that he has a PhD in Engineering is even sexier…

Pm-me-ur-best-advice: have you ever watched his tedtalk? he is so nervous and he stumbles so much with his words which is so different from his usual suave talk, so adorable!

speed-kitten: Does he talk? I hadn't noticed… I'm just kidding, yes I did see it and it just makes him even more endearing. I once taught in a classroom he had been in.

ollieliotd: I want to be Chris Evans, he's very physically attractive.

matte_personality: I'm convinced he's the textbook definition of perfection.

drayd38: Danny Devito

DisagreeableMale: only as the penguin

lost_izalith_is_best: Glad to see someone knows what male perfection looks like.


Swarleymon: He doesn't talk much in Lawless but omg such a bad ass. Made me very glad I saw it, then of course had to see Bronson since he's a tad bit nakey in it.

lordpiesaac: Ryan Reynolds. Hunk of a man.

MellyO2017: Yesssss and he is only getting better with age!

BrainShower: Joe Manganiello

your_dragon_is_cool: Lord that man...

GingerHerchimer: Alexander Skarsgard

dountsanddeadlifts: I came here looking for this answer. No one I know agrees with me on this, but he is amazing

meatforest: Mads Mikkelsen, hands down, hands up, hands wherever he wants to put them.

alphawolf131313: Was looking for this! Fuck yeah

BillieRubenCamGirl: Brad Pitt in Troy

emthejedichic: I thought Brad Pitt was pretty good looking. Then I saw him in Thelma and Louise. GodDAMN was he pretty when he was young.

babytimekade1: i'm a straight guy but wewlad bp in troy is somethin else

Finely_drawn: Idris Elba. He is absolutely gorgeous

Pm-me-ur-best-advice: came here to say Idris Elba as well. glad to see someone beat me too it!

Mirenithil: Jensen Ackles has certain photos that make me wonder if he is actually a real human being, because it is not possible for a person to be that perfect.

fxkmehxrder: I have a life size cardboard cutout of this man. I brought it to a cosplay dance and he almost got stolen, and he definitely was sexually assaulted, in a good way.

NakedHumminBird: Dev Patel, especially in the last 20 minutes of Lion--plain t-shirt, jeans, that long hair, broad shoulders, strong back. There go my knees.

K4ntum: I was really surprised by his looks while watching Lion. I couldn't believe that was the kid from Slumdog Millionaire. His hair is glorious.

TracyAbernathy: Sebastian Stan

punktulips: I thought I was asexual until I saw him in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I had a goddamn sexual awakening right there in the theater. That murder strut he does... I had a few weeks of crisis over these new feelings but I accepted it. Not sure what I am now but I'm not ace anymore!

-deepfriar: George Clooney. Not even a question.

Bliss149: Came here to say Clooney.

InsertSomeName: Justin Trudeau.

EngineerSib: OMG. I want to vacation in Canada just so I can casually run into him and profess my undying love. My husband knows. He is uncomfortably okay with it. He might actually be the competition...

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