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MATCHESFASHION.COM's collab with super-cool Parisian brand AMI is great, obviously

Damn you, Paris: you've done it again

MATCHESFASHION.COM's collab with super-cool Parisian brand AMI is great, obviously
13 April 2017

MATCHESFASHION.COM, in case you didn't know, is a really cool, London-based luxury fashion retailer and this is their new drop, with Alexandre Mattiussi’s Parisian brand AMI.

Well known for its extremely-wearable takes on luxe menswear, AMI is not one of those brands you’d feel like a massive bell-end wearing. That’s the good thing about Paris, outside of couture, it’s all stuff to actually live in, owing to the city’s predilection for over-dressing at every possible opportunity. This collab focuses on more wardrobe essentials: trench coats; jumpers; pleated trousers; T-shirts; embroidered knitwear and plenty more, including some impeccable white monogrammed sneakers.

Look at them. I can’t wait to fuck them up. I can’t wait to wear them to the pub once, in blazing hot sunshine, and for everyone to be like “WHOA! LOOK AT THOSE!” and, on a high, I shout “WHO WANTS A DRINK THEN? ME AND MY LOVELY SHOES ARE BUYING!” and everyone would cheer and I’d walk to the bar like Frank Sinatra in sneakers.

Then I’ll smile at the barman, get the round in, expertly carrying four beers with ease, and then immediately someone will tread on my toes and I’ll drop four pints of Amstel onto them, compounding the scum now trodden in with 2.27 litres of beer. And then I’d just cry. I’d probably go home actually. Maybe I don’t need these… Maybe nobody does. I’m just sad now.


I mean, look: here’s some nice jackets and that. I’m gonna go for a walk.

The exclusive collection launches online on April 20 at MATCHESFASHION.COM