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9 luxury souvenir tees you need in your life

The spirit of your summer hols, channelled into a high-end T-shirt

9 luxury souvenir tees you need in your life
20 September 2018

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. But now you’re in Clapton in September and things are feeling considerably less holiday-ish. Suddenly that quasi-ironic keepsake isn’t quite so appealing.

Take it from us: there’s never been a better time to rock a holiday-print T-shirt - the type of garment usually restricted to sunny boulevards and tourist hotspots. Don’t believe us? See the range of cutting-edge designers here, all banging out variations on the theme.

“But will I not look and feel like an idiot while walking down Ridley Road?” you ask nervously. Absolutely not. A faux-souvenir T-shirt is the low-key style statement for AW18 - this season’s Off-White belt or Palm Angels track top. Pair one with slightly cropped, relaxed-fit trousers and a casual pastel cotton or chambray shirt over the top.

1. Map skull

Map skull T-shirt £185 by ALEXANDER McQUEEN,

2. Egyptian gaming

Egyptian gaming T-shirt £74.95 by BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB,

3. Liberty

Liberty T-shirt £240 by OFF-WHITE,

4. French Riviera

French Riviera T-shirt £65 by HARTFORD,

5. Paris

Printed cotton T-shirt £315 by BALENCIAGA,

6. London

London tourist T-shirt £170 by VETEMENTS,

7. New York

New York tourist T-shirt £170 by VETEMENTS,

8. Surf is Love

’Surf is love’ T-shirt £289 by VALENTINO,

9. Saint Tropez

Printed slub t-shirt £65 by HARTFORD,

(Photography: Michael Hedge)