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'Love Island' might be airing two seasons a year, including an LGBTQ edition

This is very good news, no? Very good, important news.

'Love Island' might be airing two seasons a year, including an LGBTQ edition
14 May 2018

Love Island is returning to our screens soon, everyone - probably next month, if the Lord our God is feeling rather charitable - and that is a highly exciting prospect indeed. A bunch of sexy stallions and sirens all strutting about banging into each other and falling into the pool like they’re in an 18-rated add-on for The Sims.

But ever since this wonderful show hit those old airwaves of ours, talk has focused on the fact that it’s not exactly LGBTQ-friendly  - there have been bi-sexual contestants take part, but the overall theme is one of straightness. Of course, the inclusion of LGBTQ contestants would not particularly work on the main show - and has been the producers’ main argument - but there’s no reason why a fully LGBTQ Love Island wouldn’t work, is there?

So that’s the proposed plan, it seems - two series of Love Island per year, one mixed-sex, one same-sex. Producer Richard Cowles revealed the potential at the BAFTAs on Sunday:

“We’ve had bisexual people in the show before.

“It’s a dating show and what makes that quite difficult is you need everyone to fancy everyone, so it’s quite hard to get people who are gay and heterosexual in the same place, because simply enough, they don’t fancy each other.


“I think we’d have to have a dedicated show for that. We’re open to everything. We’d always try to include everyone. Absolutely, we’d consider two series a year.”

It’s what we all want, isn’t it? Two series a year - there shall be no Love Island downtime, no waiting, no sitting prone in our dressing gowns, absolutely distraught as a result of its absence, because it will be on, always, and we will be able to watch it. Every day, staring at Love Island, never stopping, never blinking, dying right there, in our living rooms, a skeleton that was once so full of life, reduced to bones as a result of never, ever having to leave the sofa.

Can’t wait! TEEEXT!

(Image: ITV)