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You can now attend a real life Love Island... in Surrey

Now's your chance to fulfill your dream to a lesser extent!

You can now attend a real life Love Island... in Surrey
13 June 2018

You, cannot get enough Love Island, can you? No you can’t, and nor can anyone else - the entire country is at fever pitch, when it comes to Love Island. Ironic that I should use the word “pitch” there, because it seems to be even more popular in this country than the World Cup this year. Nowt wrong with that in my book, though, nowt wrong with that at all.

But this whole “not getting enough” is becoming a problem - an hour per episode is not really enough, is it? There needs to be a way of scratching the Love Island itch in another way - luckily, we think we’ve found it.

At Thorpe Park, no less. They’re opening an officially-licensed and exclusive Love Island experience, which will include games, themed drinks, beach food (whatever that is - sand?), a chill-out zone, VIP beach huts and even the chance to meet past contestants from the show and maybe trip up in front of them or something.

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Divisional director of Thorpe Park Dominic Jones said:

“Everyone is talking about Love Island and now everyone has the chance to experience what it would be like to be on the ITV2 show, without having to leave the UK.

“Our beach is open and we’re looking forward to welcoming Love Island fans throughout the summer.”

From the July 26 to September 1 they’ll also be integrating it into the late night openings of the park so you can really Love Island it up after hours. Just don’t leave the park thinking you’re some sort of reality TV celebrity now - nobody has heard of you, it’s just a beach, there are no cameras, you still stink.

(Image: Thorpe Park)