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How many 'Love Island' references can you spot in this new trailer?


How many 'Love Island' references can you spot in this new trailer?
17 May 2018

Look, there is not a single bone about it: Love Island is not in any way “good”. However - and again, no bones - it is absolutely fantastic and brilliant and amazing in almost every possible way. Glad we’ve cleared all that up, now onto today’s news. Sorry, today’s amazing news.

We have our first proper big-time Love Island trailer and it is packed to the rafters with references to the series - it’s exhausting trying to spot them all, but we had a good go. And you can too:

That’s like a good 15, right? Bit of “muggy” in there, some “grafting” and a special appearance from Cash Hughes - this is going to be top-notch television. And if you’re not on-board, then may we suggest that you rectify that for this series - if you don’t, you are genuinely going to have nothing to talk about with anyone this summer. 

Annoyingly, there’s no start date yet, but it’ll most likely be the end of May, beginning of June, if Caroline Flack is to be trusted (just a hunch, but she might have some insider knowledge):

This can absolutely not, and will absolutely not, come soon enough.

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(Image: YouTube)