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This is the only property in London which costs less than £100,000

We're surprised there's even one like this

This is the only property in London which costs less than £100,000
Tom Victor
24 September 2018

If you ever have a day when you’re feeling particularly good about yourself, a quick look at the London housing market should be enough to bring you back down to earth.

Deposits cost a hell of a lot, despite the market doing some interesting things of late, and it’s hard not to feel disillusioned when you learn it’s possible to buy a private island for less than the cost of your average property in the capital.

With that in mind, you could be forgiven for thinking the possibility of owning your place in the capital for just £100,000 would be a mere pipe dream.

Well, not quite: there’s literally one place on the market which fits the description.

Now, when we tell you there’s a London property available for that price, you probably don’t have Central London in mind. And you’d be right to think that.

It’s out in Hornchurch, and we know what you’re thinking, “isn’t that in Essex?”

Well, some things can be in two places at once, and one man’s county of Essex is another man’s London Borough of Havering.

As for the place itself, it’s perhaps unsurprisingly a studio flat on Roneo Corner, just 15 minutes’ walk from Romford train station, according to Metro and ‘boasting’ a reception Room/kitchen spanning 2.36m x 4.75m and a ‘spacious’ bedroom measuring 2.52m x 2.87m.

Still, we’ve been reliably informed the surrounding area has a big Tesco and a weird half-roundabout nearby, so who’s really winning or losing here?

That’s right, glorious zone six, and you don’t even get a tube station unless you feel like hopping on a bus to Elm Park.

Of course, if you wanted to live outside London then your £100,000 could get you a whole lot more.

But then, why would you not want to live somewhere where, in the words of Alan Gordon Partridge, “you’ll either be mugged or not appreciated”?

(Images: Pixabay/Getty)