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Liked Netflix's The Gentlemen? 3 more shows you need to watch

Need more violence, crime and swearing in your life? No problem

Liked Netflix's The Gentlemen? 3 more shows you need to watch
Andrew Williams
13 March 2024

The Gentlemen sees Guy Ritchie at his most Guy Ritchie, taking us back to his early years when this director became an international sensation.

It’s packed with violence, bad language, style and an all-important seam of humour. But what next if you’ve already snaffled up all eight episodes of season one?

Some of the next steps are pretty obvious. You could check out the 2019 movie on which the series is based, if you like. There are Guy Ritchie’s original gangster-y hits Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch, and their respective TV shows.

The Lock Stock show from 2000 isn’t bad. The Snatch show from 2017 isn’t good.

However, today we’re more interested in shows that have some of the same flavour as The Gentlemen in one aspect or another, but aren’t just another credit in Guy Ritchie’s IMDb career summary.

Here are three shows fans of The Gentlemen may enjoy.

Good Girls

3 shows like Netflix's The Gentlemen you need to watch

The Gentlemen is a story of an unlikely person ending up in the world of crime. And that’s at the root of Good Girls.

Three moms, played by Christina Hendricks, Retta and Mae Whitman, turn to robbery in order to make ends meet. The show made it to four seasons, and was only canceled because — reportedly — one of the major cast members refused the pay offer. Still, we have 50 episodes of good times and crimes to savour.

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)

3 shows like Netflix's The Gentlemen you need to watch

There’s a decent chance you missed this dark comedy first time around in 2019, because it’s a German-language production. But we recommend you give it a go.

It’s the story of a nerdy high school guy who decides to become an online drug dealer, in order to win back his ex girlfriend. Oddly enough, the show is inspired by a true story, of a German teenager who built a drug empire. How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) isn’t quite as dark as that, though, combining all the drug stuff with some liberal servings of teen angst.

While it’s been ages since season 3 came out in 2021, a fourth season was greenlit in 2022 and may still be coming.

The Brothers Sun

3 shows like Netflix's The Gentlemen you need to watch

Michelle Yeoh stars in The Brothers Sun, a tale of the Sun family. When the father is killed in an assassination, eldest son Charles returns home to protect his mother, played by Yeoh. But also at home is Bruce, who has no idea he is effectively part of a crime family.

It was a top-quality show and one of the best crime dramas in quite some time. However, just weeks after the first season aired we heard Netflix was not renewing The Brothers Sun for a second season. It’s a crying shame, but the story resolves itself in a way satisfying enough to make this first season a cracking solo watch.