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There's a whole house made out of LEGO on Airbnb (and you could stay there for free)

Basically the fantasy of any kid

There's a whole house made out of LEGO on Airbnb (and you could stay there for free)
02 November 2017

It’s the ultimate childhood dream of any kid who liked messing around with LEGO: the chance to sleep in a house made entirely out of the bricks.

This weird and wonderful building in Billund, Denmark, has two bedrooms and is suitable for four guests.

And now in a collaboration with Airbnb, the toy company is giving one family the chance to spend a night in the incredibly cool house.

Airbnb says: “For one night, the LEGO House in Denmark becomes your family’s private playground. Unleash your imagination, bring your wildest LEGO vision to life, and fall asleep surrounded by 25 million bricks.”

Admit it. This place looks pretty cool

Even the slippers are made of LEGO!

You’d be literally sleeping in a pile of LEGO

If you’re chosen for the prize, you’ll first be met by your host and master builder Jamie.

You’ll be treated to lunch served by two friendly robot waiters before being shown around the building.

Everything around you is made out of LEGO bricks: armchairs; lamps; the alarm clock; the TV and (of course) the cat.

Even the bed, floating in a pool of bricks underneath a 6-meter-tall LEGO waterfall, is made of LEGO (but thankfully with a normal mattress). Naturally, it’s all much more exciting than Ed Sheeran’s one.

“Airbnb is all about helping people find magical and unforgettable travel experiences,” said James McClure of Airbnb.

“What could be more magical than having the brand new Lego House all to yourselves for the night? This really is a dream come true for any family with a passion for Lego, and I doubt there will be much sleeping as there is so much to enjoy in this incredible space.”

To win the competition, you’ll have to tell Airbnb what you’d do with an infinite supply of LEGO bricks in no more than 500 characters before the deadline of November 16.

So get your creative juices flowing and put the pain and heartache of adulthood behind you (for one night anyway).

This LEGO cat will always love you and will never leave (mainly because it’s made of LEGO)

LEGO portraits, LEGO flowers, where does it end?!

Master LEGO builder Jamie (right)

(Images: Airbnb, iStock)