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Lavish Casino-Themed Saucony Trainers

Lavish Casino-Themed Saucony Trainers

Lavish Casino-Themed Saucony Trainers
17 December 2014

You can finally stop blowing on the dice - your luck's about to turn thanks to Saucony's latest trainer. 

Walking straight out of the halls of Vegas, this casino-themed marvel is the High Roller - a chip-fuelled collaboration between Saucony and Las Vegas-based sneaker boutique Feature

Based on Saucony's hybrid G9 Shadow 6 silhouette, the low top runner has been accented with subtle nods to Feature's Vegas home: modelled on a $100 chip (we never last long enough at the table to see one, so we're taking their word for it), a chip logo and salmon hues have been worked onto the tongue label, side panel and lining. A soft black suede coats the rear half of the upper, while the toe cap has been finished off in a supple leather in contrasting white. 

The theme is most explicit in the shoe's insole, decked out in a crowded array of chips. To round off the styling, release will come with a pack of customised playing cards and an extra set of flat, speckled laces. 

Set to go on sale on Feature's online store on 19 December, you'll be able to change your luck for £90. But don't come crying to us if they don't change your Blackjack fortunes, okay? 

(Images: Feature)