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Wold Gin Day: Kopparberg's new fruity gin set to be the drink of the summer

If they get lucky

Wold Gin Day: Kopparberg's new fruity gin set to be the drink of the summer
08 June 2019

It's World Gin Day so we're celebrating with supping the best gin around and some gin news: Kopparberg has released a new gin cider drink.

Premium Mixed Fruit Gin Cider drinkers with a sweet tooth will be well aware of Kopparberg: it’s the closest you can come to consuming pear drops in liquid form. Albeit, the kind of pear drops that leave you with a monster hangover if you don’t know when to stop.

Last month the Swedish drinks company branched out from ciders into the world of gins, with a flavour to match one of their most popular numbers: strawberry and lime. Apparently it was popular enough to warrant a sequel, and the company is preparing to launch its own Premium Mixed Fruit Gin as a follow up.

“It’s not been long since we announced our first foray into the gin market with our Strawberry & Lime flavour Kopparberg Premium Gin, and following such a welcome response, we are even more delighted to tell our fans that they can soon get their hands on another variant,” said Rob Salvesen, Kopparberg’s head of marketing.

“Mixed Fruit came as the next obvious choice as it is our second most-loved fruit cider flavour, and we wanted to offer gin-lovers more than just one option when it came to choosing a pink gin. We hope to see many memories made outdoors with both Kopparberg Premium Gins this summer.”

Whether you will or not depends on how it tastes, I suppose. You’ll be able to find out from Thursday 6 June, when the 37.5% gin goes on sale at Asda. It’ll set you back £20 for a 70cl bottle, and promises notes of juniper, lemon zest and coriander.

If you want to know if your local Asda is stocking it, here's the list of stores that will have the gin.

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