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Here's everything we know about Kanye West's (still) delayed ninth album 'Yandhi'

Any release date on the horizon? Kanye?

Here's everything we know about Kanye West's (still) delayed ninth album 'Yandhi'
02 October 2018

Kanye West is going off on one right at the moment, he’s having it large, he’s going spare, he’s just having a right old time of it lately, and that’s fine by us - it’s what you expect from Kanye, after all.

Thing us, he promised us all his ninth album, ‘Yandhi’ last weekend, but it never came out. So what’s the deal? Where’s it at? Why the lies, Kanye? WHY THE LIES? 

Sure, you might have given us all a brand new Yeezy inspired Halloween outfit but, what about the tunes, Kanye?

Here’s where we’re at so far:

Kanye has history with this sort of thing

Waaaaay back in 2016 he was supposed to release an album called ‘Turbo Grafx 16’, but it never came out, and never has. Instead, he released ‘Ye’ two years later in 2018 - the other album was scrapped, so there’s always the chance he could do that with ‘Yandhi’.

But Mr Kanye West did claim he’d release it last weekend

It was supposed to drop on September 29, according to this:

Many had thought he’d delay it so he didn’t have to compete with Lil Wayne’s ‘Tha Carter V’, but it seemed he was content to let them go head-to-head. Although of course this never actually happened.

Kim Kardashian revealed the (supposed) final release date

Although who knows, eh? Who. Actually. Knows? We guess that we’ll all just have to trust the word of a Kardashian on this one.

It’s gonna have some big (and controversial) names on it

Rumoured artists to appear on the album include Kid Cudi, 070 Shake, Ty Dolla Sign and Young Thug. 

However, dodge-packet 6ix9ine is also said to appear, even though he’s a bad, bad man, and other controversial (and also deceased) rapper XXXTenacion may have a feature, which Kanye said he recorded before his death (obviously). Who knows, maybe Donald Trump will show up. We wouldn’t put it past Kanye and his MAGA hat.

It’ll “have some songs on it”, because it’s an album, and albums have songs on them, but we don’t know which ones exactly

Kanye has released a couple of tracks recently, like ‘I Love It’ with Lil Pump:


And he also performed ‘We Got Love’ on Saturday Night Live, a track which was originally meant for Teyana Taylor’s album ‘K.T.S.E’, but never appeared on the final product:

And finally, he released a minute-long snippet of an unnamed song on Instagram, which by the looks of things, will almost definitely appear on ‘Yandhi’:

Apart from all that, your guess is as good as ours!

He could quite as easily chuck it all in the bin and not release something again until he’s 70 - the man certainly knows how to be unpredictable, doesn’t he? Oh well, enjoy waiting for him, if that’s your bag - everyone else, just soldier valiantly on. Bye!

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