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Kanye West just launched a password protected merchandise site

And we know what it is...

Kanye West just launched a password protected merchandise site

Want to cop yourself some Kanye West Pablo merchandise online? Well it's not just as simple as pulling out your credit card and buying what you want, oh no no no no no no. Yeezy has only gone and password protected his secret website, all in the name of 'art', most probably.

This year Kanye has hosted an array of pop-up shops around the world, which saw fans lining up for hours to grab a piece of his expensive fashion range. But they could have saved themselves a hell of a lot of time and energy, if only they knew about the mysterious new shopping site appearing online today.

Once clicking on the site, you'll be taken to a page that requires an password (PABLOFF#@#$312), then you'll be able to select your country, then finally shop like a normal human being.

The cheapest item on sale is a city baseball cap ($45) and the most expensive a khaki military jacket with Pablo branding on the back ($325).

So congratulations, you might be able to finally get your hands on some limited Kanye merch without waiting out in the rain like an obsessed fanboy, but it's probably going to reduce you to a month of Tesco Value meals.