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Jurassic World 3 gets an official name and shooting has started

It's coming

Jurassic World 3 gets an official name and shooting has started
26 February 2020

Jurassic World 3 has started filming, according to director Colin Trevorrow – and it finally has a name.

The third film in the series will be called Jurassic World: Dominion, Trevorrow has revealed.

In a tweet, the director, who directed the second film in the series, also shared a picture from set – and it looks like it officially started filming on the 24th of February.

We'd previously been led to believe that the film was going to be called 'New Era', so the updated name is quite the surprise. Whether the new title reveals anything about the plot is up for debate: we still don't know much about the film thus far.

What we do know is that Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard will be resuming their roles in the film, and that Sam Neil, Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern will also be starring.

Trevorrow also shared pictures that suggest an incredibly adorable baby dinosaur will be starring: whether or not he'll befriend the human cast or cause trouble is yet to be known, though we'd put our money on him being friendly. Call it the Baby Yoda effect.

The film is also due to be released in June 2021 – not too long to wait. But if you really can't wait, you can at least watch the first Jurassic World film: it's on Netflix now.