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A 'Rollercoaster Tycoon'-style 'Jurassic Park' game is coming


A 'Rollercoaster Tycoon'-style 'Jurassic Park' game is coming
21 August 2017

Theme Park was a great game – I played it for many hours, making ridiculous rollercoasters, designing food courts shaped like penises and trapping customers inside an impenetrable wall of bins. Top stuff. However, there was one thing missing from the game, a thing that almost made it pointless, it was missing: dinosaurs.

Thankfully though, a game is coming out next year that will enable you to build a theme park (like Theme Park) that also has dinosaurs in (not like Theme Park). This game is called Jurassic World: Evolution and it’s from the brains behind Planet Coaster, so there’s a good chance it’ll be *quite* good.

Of course, Jurassic Park games have existed in the past, some of which were park simulation games (like Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis for example), but there hasn’t really been a definitive sim. Until now (or next year)?

Take a look at the very lovely trailer:

Release-wise, we’re looking to 2018, when the new film, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom comes out. It’ll be heading to Xbox One, PS4 and PC, which is all very exciting, isn’t it? Roar, etc.

(Image: Universal Pictures)