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Johnny Depp’s upcoming Notorious B.I.G film has been cancelled a month before release

It's not going so well for old Jepp at the mo

Johnny Depp’s upcoming Notorious B.I.G film has been cancelled a month before release
07 August 2018

There’s been yet another blow to Johnny Depp’s career today, with his latest film being shelved just before it was about to hit cinemas. 

It’s only the latest anticlockwise twist to the dimmer on his dwindling star, after his barrage of legal troubles of late - Depp was set to play an LAPD detective involved in trying to solve the infamous murder of Notorious B.I.G, but the film - City Of Lies - has been abruptly pulled from the release schedule a month before its planned release on September 7.

Brad Furman was set to direct the film, which also starred Forest Whitaker as a journo who teamed up with Depp to get to the bottom of things.

Essentially, in an absence of an official reason why - and no renewed release date - we can surmise that it’s because of all the allegations currently floating above Depp’s head. Last month a location manager on this very film accused him of assault, then there’s a couple of high-profile legal disputes with former business managers and two ex-bodyguards. Finally, there’s the wealth of accusations leveled towards Depp by his ex-wife Amber Heard, who seems to have a pretty strong case on her hands.

City Of Lies is of course not the only upcoming film to star Depp - there’s the big old Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, which hasn’t been met with the widest of potential hugs, so the future of that may be in jeopardy too (probably not though- like, it’s not like they’re gonna wipe this one from the slate, if we’re all very honest with ourselves here).

Either way, as the Depp saga continues, we’ll only have to wait and see. And doesn’t everyone love a good wait and see?


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