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Johnny Depp is being sued for alleged assault and offering someone $100k to punch him back

Depp's off on one again

Johnny Depp is being sued for alleged assault and offering someone $100k to punch him back
10 July 2018

Johnny Depp’s not having the best time of it of late, is he? Having himself a bit of a mare - just doing bad things and not being liked and keeping on making a mess of things, he is. Like, he was already seeing his star fade after his alleged treatment of ex-girlfriend Amber Heard, but he’s got a new blot on his CV now. Quite a big one, it turns out.

Essentially, what’s occuring here is that Johnny Depp is being sued (which is never good, really) by Gregg “Rocky” Brooks, a former location manager on Depp’s upcoming film City of Lies. Brooks alleges that during filming in April 2017, director Brad Furman asked him to inform Depp that shooting was over for the day because it wasn’t working out. So obviously Depp started swearing at him and then punched him twice in the ribs.

Depp then supposedly said “I’ll give you $100,000 to punch me right now.” (Which seems like a pretty decent offer)

Brooks’ suit also claims that he was fired from the film because he refused to sign an NDA that would prevent him from suing the actor. So not exactly an ideal situation for old Depp there - lots of juicy accusations being punted his way, a veritable sundae of icy claims.

Someone getting punched - wowchee!

Unfortunately, Depp is in the midst of a couple of other lawsuits, too - one involving two former bodyguards who claim the actor didn’t pay them properly and put them in “toxic” situations. The other is coming from Depp himself, who is suing his former business managers for $25 million for “gross misconduct.” Not a period of relaxation for the man, it appears. Very difficult to have a nice bath with a load of scented Yankee candles and a loafer when you’ve got three lawsuits hanging over your head.

As such, the future of City Of Lies is uncertain - much like Depp’s involvement in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald seemingly worked to hurt the film before it’s even released, the same could be said for this one. It’ll likely still get a release, but its box office performance might be stilted as a result. It’s set to open this September, so only time will tell.

Top tip though: don’t punch anyone else in the ribs in the meantime, Johnny.

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