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John Lewis might have just released a teaser for their Christmas advert

It's almost that time of year again

John Lewis might have just released a teaser for their Christmas advert

It’s become a cherished and ritualistic British obsession: When’s it coming out? Who’s doing the music? When can I get the incredibly cute stuffed toy? Of course, I’m referring to the most important part of the most wonderful time of the year: the John Lewis Christmas advert.

Now eagle-eyed Twitterers think they’ve found a teaser for the ad.

An account called UnderTheBed2017 posted 4-second long video this morning featuring a shifty-looking animated character hiding in a dark space (presumably under a bed). Importantly, the font used in the video looks identical to the one used by John Lewis in their usual branding. The account, which was registered last month, has only tweeted once and doesn’t currently follow anyone. How mysterious!

And the retail company has a history of teasing their beloved Christmas advert in this way. Last year, a 10-second clip was posted to a Twitter account called @bouncing2016. Later that week, the clip was revealed to be part of the trampolining Buster the Boxer advert.

Online, people were very excited:

While details are a closely guarded secret, this year’s advert is expected to land later this week. When asked to give a statement on the advert hype, a John Lewis spokeswoman coyly told Shortlist: “We never comment on speculation as we don’t want to ruin the surprise.”

Earlier this month, it was revealed by Campaign that Michel Gondry, the Oscar-winning French director best known for directing Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, had directed this year’s John Lewis Christmas ad.

And for the sake of pure nostalgia, here’s a look at some of the best John Lewis adverts from days of yore: 

(Image: @underthebed)