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Jay-Z's new Saint Laurent jacket might just be the perfect jacket

Just don't look at the price tag

Jay-Z's new Saint Laurent jacket might just be the perfect jacket

For an undoubtedly Cool Man, Jay-Z has always dressed like an Uncool Man. I’d stop just short of saying he dresses like crap but there have been many mistakes. Maybe that’s what happens when you’re that rich for that long: you forget how things actually work because he’s at the top of the Layer Cake and nobody tells him those trousers look like shit, Jay. 

This jacket by Saint Laurent might be doing all the heavy lifting, but this is the best Jay-Z has ever looked. 

Spotted at Tidal’s TIDAL X: Brooklyn event at the Barclays Centre on Tuesday, his Saint Laurent “Je t’aime” Teddy jacket is a winner. Halfway between a coach jacket and a baseball jacket, it might just be perfect. I mean, it costs £1,540 but still: a winner. Set in black and yellow corduroy with a little bit of embroidered cursive Francais flair on the heart (such a romantic) and shiny yellow metal snap-buttons (plus a little closure-tab across the bottom for extra snugness), two interior pockets (for your phone and keys) and two exterior slash pockets (for a nice smooth pebble and a packet of Chewits), it covers base on a few of our favourite things: subtle styling, a warm yellow, and corduroy. We love corduroy. We feel that wale. 

That it also has a proper, quality silk lining really drives this one over the finish line. But one thing I always wonder: when artists are in these cool-as-heck jackets on stage, with all those lights, jumping up and down to their own songs for a whole hour, how are they not dripping like Lee Evans in a sauna? I would pose a legitimate health-and-safety risk, my skin emanating pools of slick danger onto the stage, causing backing dancers and stage hands to go slip-sliding off into the crowd, causing me to get an unfavorable live review from a broadsheet. But anyway, that’s my cross to bear. Nice jacket.

The Saint Laurent “Je t’aime” Teddy jacket is available to buy now