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Jared Leto is going to be in both Marvel and DC universes, playing two different characters

He's a regular Josh Brolin

Jared Leto is going to be in both Marvel and DC universes, playing two different characters
28 June 2018

Another day, another slice of comic book news for your superhero-loving asses. And this time, it’s about Jared Leto again! We’ve previously reported about how the Leto Peto Pumpkin Eato is set to portray The Joker in an as-yet-untitled Suicide Squad spin-off in the DC Extended Universe, but what about poor old Marvel? Where’s their Jared action?

Well they’re about to get some, because he’s going to be joining their stable for a new movie. Of course, Marvel have two cinematic universes going on - they’ve got the big, all-conquering MCU, but then they also have Sony’s Marvel Universe, the one Venom is set to kick-off. Leto will be joining the latter.

The film is based on the comic character Morbius, the Living Vampire, a man called Michael Morbius, who becomes a vampire-type card when a biochemical experiment goes wrong. He started off as one of Spider-Man’s foes, but eventually forged his own solo anti-hero mould.

Jared is set to play the titular vamp, which will no doubt utilise his very hefty talents for mugging and snarling, and also wearing lots of makeup. The film will be directed by Daniel Espinosa, who directed the excellent space-horror Life (you need to see it please, nobody did), and it’ll be written by Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama, of Netflix’s Lost In Space, and also that other vampire movie Dracula Untold.

After the release of Venom - the first entry into Sony’s peculiar Spider-Manless Spider-Man universe, producers for the film, Matt Tolmach and Avi Arad told that they are expecting “awesomeness” from Leto:

“We’re obviously working on Morbius now. That’s sort of next up for us.”

Tolmach said he expects a “similar level of intensity and charisma and devotion to the character” that he brought to The Joker in Suicide Squad, with Arad adding “and loving the character.”

There’s no release date set as it stands, but expect it to whip into production sharpish, because as the old industry saying goes: the more comic book movies, THE MORE MONEY FOR OUR NICE CARS AND HOUSES.

(Image: DC)