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This 82-year-old DJ is tearing up Japan's club scene and we love her

You're never too old to drop sick tunes

This 82-year-old DJ is tearing up Japan's club scene and we love her
13 April 2017

As a student, working two jobs, juggling a dissertation and trying to have a social life was hard enough. When I get to my eighties, I’m only going to do the stuff that makes me happy and that is why I present to you Sumiko Iwamuro, Tokyo’s 82-year-old DJ.

Yes, Japan has raised the bar yet again and there’s more: by day, Iwamuro fries dumplings in a restaurant that she has worked for the past 6 decades and by night transforms into the elusive DJ Sumirock. Fantastic.

In an article posted by the South China Morning Post, Iwamuro told them: “When I spin the tables, I just want to match the beat, choose the right music. But the best thing is for my audience to enjoy themselves.”

It’s not all just a novelty though; her beats are genuinely sick, too. Take a look below:

Iwamuro took classes at disc jockey school during her seventies and now she hits the club once a month in Tokyo’s red light district bringing her tunes to the masses.

In a separate video posted by AJ+ , DJ Sumirock states: “It’s fundamentally techno music. But just that would be boring so I add jazz, [French] songs and today I’ve added a bit of classical.”

One fan in particular, Fuminari Fujii claims that: “She’s got this energy that goes beyond age that can equal any young person’s here.”

I wish DJ Sumirock was my gran.