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The iPhone XS has two secret features that are good for your health

Look out for your peepers, people!

The iPhone XS has two secret features that are good for your health
09 October 2018

Apple has rolled out some serious kit and software recently with the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iOS 12.

And, according to researchers, Apple’s pricey new handsets include some surprising boons for your health.

Review site Anandtech and researchers at Taiwan’s National Tsing-Hua University have discovered that the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max’s OLED displays are scientifically healthier for your eyes compared to Apple’s previous LCD-based models.

Apparently, the iPhone XS Max has a 20% higher MPE (Maximum Permissible Exposure) than the iPhone 7. Maximum Permissible Exposure is the amount of time before our eyes become inflamed – and potentially damaged – due to screen exposure, so a higher MPE is good news for our peepers.

The MPE of the iPhone XS Max is 346 seconds compared to the iPhone 7’s 288 seconds.

Researchers also discovered that the iPhone XS Max has a lower MSS (Melatonin Suppression Sensitivity) score of 20.1% versus 24.6% for the iPhone 7.

MSS, as Forbes explains, is essentially a measure of blue light, exposure to which disrupts the circadian rhythm and can damage the cells in your eyes.

All in all then, some good news if you’re willing to shell out a cool £1K for a shiny new handset.

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