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Incredible Wooden LED Watch

Incredible Wooden LED Watch

Incredible Wooden LED Watch

We have no idea how this works, so we're sensibly going to assume that it's just magic. It's obvious when you think about it.

The clever people at Tokyo Flash have created this digital watch made of wood, where the LED display disappears beneath the veneer when turned off.

It's called the Tokyo Flash Night Vision Wood and includes all the usual features (date and alarm), along with a USB-rechargable battery. It also boasts a rather nifty way of telling the time: the missing block in the outer ring gives you the hour (using the same positions as a normal clock), while the minutes past the hour are displayed in the middle of the face.

It's retailing at $150 (£88) from here, which is, frankly, a small price to pay to own something that is, essentially, witchcraft.

Watch the video below to see the watch in action.

[via Gizmodo]