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Ikea's blue bag has been made into a baseball cap and we are absolutely going to wear one

True Swedish style

Ikea's blue bag has been made into a baseball cap and we are absolutely going to wear one
05 May 2017

God bless Ikea, purveyors of consistently excellent design, low, low prices, a dictatorial shopping experience and the endless frustration of the warehouse bit where you try to find all the bits of your new sofa.

And no matter what you go in to buy, you’ll always come out with a) a comical plant which you will name Brian and b) one of those massive blue bags which are, frankly, a bargain at 40p and which you can use to store old clothes which you will definitely never wear again but can’t bear to part with just yet.

But now, thanks to Los Angeles fashion brands Pleasures and Chinatown Market, there’s another use for them, as they have converted the ‘Frakta’ bag into a highly fashionable baseball cap. They’ve used the bag’s crinkly material to create the six panels and peak of the hat, with the bag straps running round its circumference to ensure the Ikea branding gets a runout.

It costs $38 when it goes on sale later this month, which is a rather reasonable £29 in Britmoney and we are definitely going to buy one. We’ll perch it on Brian when we’re not wearing it.

It’s not the first time that the Frakta has crossed over into the world of fashion, with Balenciaga’s Arena tote seemingly inspired by the bag’s design:

However, it’s slightly more expensive than the Ikea version, retailing at $2,145 (£1,660) – a 415,000% increase on the original.

We’ll stick to the baseball cap for now if it’s all the same with you guys.