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Hublot's Dazzling World Tour Poker Watch

Hublot's Dazzling World Tour Poker Watch

Hublot's Dazzling World Tour Poker Watch
23 December 2014
By its very nature, a casino is designed to make you forget what time it is, trapping you in an eternal abyss of darkness until you've gone and spent your last chip in a bleary-eyed state.

Directly at odds with these nocturnal playpens, however, comes this special poker-inspired watch, crafted by Swiss watchmaker Hublot to coincide with its sponsorship of the Big Bang Unico World Poker Tour and boasting a clock you’d hardly want to take your eyes off.

Not that it’s the only factor in helping you escape from the table in the black. Designed especially for card players, pros can take full advantage from twin sub-dials – a minute counter at 3 o’clock and a running seconds counter at 9 o’clock.

What’s more, the timepiece comprises a number of details from the deck, including a bezel in 18K King Gold, and a heart, club, spade and diamond visible – the sort of glitzy statement some young hotshot keen to dazzle an opponent might find comes in handy.

Feeling flush? The gold edition starts from £29,000, while you can downgrade to steel for £16,000.
You might need cards of a different sort to make that sort of payment.