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These football fans think they have the answer to the awful 'half-and-half' scarf trend

But is it just as bad?

These football fans think they have the answer to the awful 'half-and-half' scarf trend

There’s one facet of modern football which tends to make old-school fans irrationally furious. More furious than anything else in the game.

No, it’s not diving, or video refs, or even big-money transfers – we’re on about half-and-half scarves, of course.

What might have begun as an opportunity to give supporters a chance to commemorate huge one-off games at major tournaments has now become the bane of some regular fans’ existence.

Yes, they can be embarrassing at times, but plenty would argue that they’re relatively harmless.

Still, if you’re among that group who views half-and-half scarves as everything that’s wrong with the modern game, you’re in luck.

Dave Newbold has set up ‘Half & Barf’, positioned as an antidote to the half-and-half scarves flooding the stalls outside any Premier League ground on a matchday.

As explained on its website, ‘Half and Barf is a neck-nutmeg to modern fans and Corporate Johnnies who commit such treason as to allow another team on their scarf’.

Combining recognisable team colours with compound phrases explaining the sentiment towards half-and-half culture, at the very least you have to admit a great deal of effort has gone into the designs.

Whether you fancy picking up a ‘WhatEvs’ or ‘Notts Bovered’ scarf (which cost £10 each) will probably depend on your sentiment towards the product they’re mocking.

I guess you could always get the scarf of your favourite team and just wear that instead?

(Main image: Rex)