Girlfriend exacts revenge on her cheating boyfriend with some incredible Insta captions


Breaking up with a cheating ex can be a really annoying process. First, you need to deal with the rubbish emotional part of it. Growing a horrible beard, wearing pyjamas for weeks and living in a darkened room usually does the trick. Then, head to your former partner’s wardrobe and cut their t-shirts to threads, before very publically hurling everything they own from a balcony on the top floor of your lovely house. At least, that’s what the old romcoms teach us.

Once that’s done, it’s the social media photo purge. Doing away with all the mushy holiday snaps and romantic dinner pics you’ve accumulated over the years and unleashed onto the social media world. Boy, that’s looong. 

But if you’re this creative revenge-seeker, there’s another way. Another, far more entertaining way that’ll earn you a bunch of bonus, heart-fixing double taps, too.

After discovering her douchy ex-boyfriend had been playing away from home, this scorned lady decided to recaption her loved-up pics with a whole new and cringeworthy context. Take a look: