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The Buckfast Easter egg has arrived, and they've even chucked in a free lighter

Sounds like they're racking up orders

The Buckfast Easter egg has arrived, and they've even chucked in a free lighter

We know exactly what you were thinking when we told you about that very extravagant G&T Easter egg a few weeks ago. 

We do. You were thinking, “right, that’s all well and good, but what about the rowdy Glaswegian teenagers? Do you honestly expect them to give a shit about a lemon milk chocolate shell?” 

Fair point, but you need worry no longer, because the Buckfast Easter egg is here. 

The strangest novelty crossover gift we’ve encountered for a while was masterminded by Northern Irish off-licence d-Bees, who are currently selling the eggs in-store for an offer price of £8.99. Everyone else can pick up theirs online, as long as you’re willing to fork out the delivery costs. 

Crack open the box and you’ll find a traditional chocolate egg, obviously, but it’s all about the extras. Not only will Buckie lovers get a miniature bottle of their favourite caffeine-loaded tonic wine, but d-Bees have also chucked in a branded lighter and pen, too. In fact, the merch is probably our favourite part of the offering.

If that's not value for money then we don't know what is

This isn’t the first time the Armagh-based shop has put a Buckie-related spin on a notable date in the calendar. In the past they’ve had hampers for both Christmas and Valentine’s Day, although we can’t confirm that either came with pens. From this point onwards that kind of feels like a deal-breaker. 

The Buckfast Easter egg – which honestly is a real thing you can buy – will be available to order from the d-Bees website from April 3. 

(Images via d-Bees)