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Ten great pairs of socks for you to wear this summer

Nobody likes ankles, anyway

Ten great pairs of socks for you to wear this summer
25 April 2017

Gone are the days of ankle socks, invisible socks and bare-feet (I mean, they’re not, really, but there’s a fashionable alternative, now), it’s all about the statement sock. Long-favoured by skate and streetwear fans, pulling up a nifty pair of socks is a great way to go when you’re parading your pins in shorts.

Of course, it’s easy to bag a six-pack of branded adidas from JD, but why not branch out a bit and flaunt something a little different? Here are ten alternative styles to cover up those worryingly unsightly ankles you’re currently sporting:

Wesc Stanie Palm 3-Pack Misty Rose

As it’s summer now (yes it is; it definitely is), you’re going to want to reflect that in your choice of clothing, and in this case, what reflects summer more than palm trees? Nothing does, actually. Wesc’s new collection is all about all-over summery prints, and it extends to its socks, too. These aren’t quite as lairy as some of the pieces on offer from the Swedish brand, but they’ll still let everyone know exactly what season you’re convincing yourself it is.

£13.49 (for three),

Dickies Atlantic City Black

Bit o’ white, bit o’ green, bit o’ black, lot o’ fun – or something. These Dickies numbers look as robust as the rest of its line, and will match quite nicely with a pair of Vans, should you own any, but really it’s not up to me is it – wear what you want. I didn’t die and become King of Footwear Choices (just Prince of Sock Choices).


Chapz Clobber The Godfather

Do you like Wiley? Yes, of course you do. So why not cement that love by repping him on your socks. Chapz Clobber does a top range in grime-based foot accessories (I’m already running out of ways to say socks), and these bright and breezy specimens are top-notch.


Burlington Preston Oatmeal

Not so lairy, these ones, but don’t be put off because they look like a pair your granddad might own. It’s a classic style, a nice pastel colour, and has a shiny stud on the outer ankle, so you know which foot is left or right. Unless you put it on the wrong foot, and then you’re in a world of trouble.


Zara Tie Dye

Tie dye is cool again, too – just ask Blake from Workaholics – but if you’re not keen on going full foot-hippy, then you can always dial it back a bit. These understated twins from Zara will compliment most outfits, but a little bit of swizz shines through in the form of a muted pattern. 


Corgi Colour Block Lightweight Cotton

Corgi Socks has the royal seal of approval, should that matter to you, and their range reflects that. Lots of preppy designs made out of posh cotton – you can imagine Prince Harry rocking a pair of these. This thick-striped design is a top pick, and the pastel colours will go as well with a pair of boat shoes as they would with your Nikes. Make sure you put some shoes on, though.


Uniqlo Ribbed Knit Light Green

Let’s calm it down again, with a clean, comfy ribbed knit sock from simple-staple-sellers Uniqlo. They feel great on your feet, and they’re pretty much turquoise, which is an essential colour – one in which you should own at least two pieces of clothing. Make a pair of these one of them – even better if it’s your third.


Topman White Banana Badge Tube

A simple pair of white socks will go with almost anything nowadays – if you’re a bit fancy, you can even pull them off with formal wear (be careful, though) – so you need a heavy arsenal at your disposal. These cheap, simple tubes are your standard sport sock fundamental, BUT THEY ‘AVE GOT A BANANA ON IT.

Bananas are the most fun fruit, so taking that reasonaing and applying them to socks would make these the most fun of your socks.


Paul Smith Blue Wobble Stripe

Hello sailor! These have a pattern on them, but not a mad one, so you can still let everyone know you like a drink, but that you’re not gonna take the piss, essentially.

Also, Paul Smith socks are nice socks, and there’s no arguing there. So pop ‘em on and punt your legs out, flashboy.


4LCK Flame

Are you the King of Irony? Do you need to show off how ironic you are? Then wear these! But make sure you wear them ironically! Also, they’re nice.