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Get your Monica Geller on with this Friends-themed slow cooker

Just no beef trifles, please (seriously, don't).

Get your Monica Geller on with this Friends-themed slow cooker
Holly Pyne
16 January 2020

It may be over 25 years since Friends first graced our screens but the merchandise keeps on coming - and we keep on buying it.

Now, to join the Friends LEGO set already sitting pride of place in your living room, is a Friends-themed slow cooker.

Only available in the US, this slow cooker promises to make you feel like Monica in the kitchen (or at least a tad better than Rachel).

It’s covered in iconic quotes and locations from the New York-based sitcom including the Central Perk sofa and the fountain from the title sequence.

And, if you actually care about the slow cooker itself - it’s also seems pretty good. It has a range of low and high settings, a removable stoneware insert and a tempered glass lid (so you don’t have to keep lifting it to see how the food is getting on).

And while its price of $59.90 may be a little much for merch, it’s a pretty decent price for a slow cooker.

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