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German supermarket uses food to make genius point about racism and immigration

They really hammered home the message

German supermarket uses food to make genius point about racism and immigration
Tom Victor
23 August 2017

Unfortunately, we’ve all come into contact with racists and xenophobes in our lives.

Chances are their bigotry will be borne out of ignorance, among other factors, and they’ll act shocked when you point out that your ‘sound’ mate they just me is from a country they’ve previously slagged off, or their favourite footballer practices a religion they don’t like, and so on and so depressingly forth.

Many of us know the great value immigrants bring to our countries and our lives, but others? Well, some people have to be reminded a little more forcibly.

That’s what this German supermarket, Edeka, have done – they’ve used their shop front to make an important point about racism and immigration, and we think it’s brilliant. 

Edeka’s Hamburg branch decided to remove all non-German goods from their store for one day making it look… well, extremely bare. Turns out all of our lives would be extremely boring and depressing if we only experienced things from our own cultures. Who knew?!

As reported by, Greek olives and Spanish tomatoes were removed from the salad bar, while the cheese section was similarly bare.

Signs were put up with messages such as “This shelf shows: Germany would be poor without variety” and “So empty is a shelf without foreigners”.

“Edeka stands for diversity, and we produce a wide range of food in our assortment, which is produced in the different regions of Germany,” a statement reads.

“But it is together with products from other countries that we create the unique diversity that our customers value.”

We think this is a great statement from Edeka, though we have to say, eating only German food for a day then it wouldn’t be the worst thing ever. British food on the other hand...

(Images: Rex Features)