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George R. R. Martin looks like hipster Jon Snow in this '70s #TBT photo

Before winter was even cool

George R. R. Martin looks like hipster Jon Snow in this '70s #TBT photo
26 May 2017

Oh look, it’s George R. R. Martin in what could possibly be the most gloriously vintage #TBT of all time. 

The Game of Thrones creator – who really has been in the news rather a lot recently hasn’t he – shared an old photo of himself to his Twitter page last night and, well, let’s all just sit back and take it in.

Back in the mid ‘70s Martin hadn’t long become a professional writer. Westeros was nowhere to be seen until some 15 years later, but I like to think he’s brainstorming about direwolves, dragons and Faceless Men in this picture. George R. R. Martin, with his retro tache, pensive expression, fuck-off medallion and jeans that you can’t quite see all of but definitely appear to be nearing flare territory, just thinking about the world-dominating novel series and TV show that he is going to write one day.

There’s so much to enjoy: the TV antenna, the floral-patterned sofa throw and the nearly sepia filter that isn’t actually a filter because once upon a time photos just looked like that. 

As many fans pointed out, 1976 Martin bears a passing resemblance to one of his most famous characters, albeit decidedly hipper. 

But yeah, the snap went down a storm with followers.

(Image: George R.R. Martin/Twitter)