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This new show is 100% ready to fill the 'Game of Thrones'-shaped hole in your life

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This new show is 100% ready to fill the 'Game of Thrones'-shaped hole in your life

Game of Thrones is over, everybody. UH. OH. What will we all do? What happens on a Monday now? Do we all just stand in our living rooms, licking condensation off the windows, hand gripped around the remote, pointing it out onto the street, tear-ducts completely depleted, wheezing like a kettle? 

Yes, that is all you can do – there is no other activity that is possibly worth your time. At least not until next year, anyway, when Sky’s new fantasy series, Britannia, hits screens.

It’s a nine-part series that focuses on Celtic mythology, and the fight between the Druids, the Celts and the Romans as they battle to take control of Britannia. Obviously, as Game of Thrones is so popular, expect this to contain lots of heads getting crushed, some very satisfying swearing and probably a brother and a sister banging for some reason. Oh and maybe a fucking dragon just for the sod of it.

The show’s writer is Jez Butterworth, who you might know as the guy behind Spectre, and the cast is solid: Kelly Reilly (Eden Lake), David Morrissey (The Walking Dead), Zoë Wanamaker (erm, My Family) and Mackenzie Crook as a weird, pale, zombie-looking creature. So a bit like Gareth Keenan again, I guess.

Sky haven’t given a concrete release date yet, but expect to see it early next year sometime, and expect to talk about it around the water-cooler every Tuesday.

Or not? Does anybody ever talk around the water-cooler anymore? I’m in and out quick-sharp, if I’m honest. I don’t talk to anybody in the kitchen.

People talk to me sometimes, but it’s usually just to say:

“Is that a fucking mackerel salad again you rude arsehole?”

Anyway, here’s the trailer:

(Image: Sky)