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This is how you can meet Emilia Clarke on the 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 set

Bag yourself a super-secret trip to Westeros, also Belfast

This is how you can meet Emilia Clarke on the 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 set
23 April 2018

Would you like to visit the set of Game Of Thrones’ final season? Would you like access to the super-duper-secret filming going on with a big load of container terminals in Northern Ireland? Would you like to have lunch with Danaerys Targaryen herself, Emilia Clarke? 

You can do those things! And all it takes is paying a potentially quite large sum of money.

Fundraising platform Omaze are offering one winner a luxurious all-expenses-paid trip to the set of season eight. To be entered into the draw, all one has to do is donate a sum of money, from US$10 to US$5000, which will go the Royal College of Nursing.

Here is Clarke in a very good coat explaining at all (and, spoiler alert, doing what can best be described as “a skit”):

Here’s the donation/entry link.

They never let Emilia Clarke be funny on Game Of Thrones, do they? There’s an occasional withering remark, but that’s the extent of it. She’s funny. It’s a shame. We’ve never seen Danaerys cut loose, really, have we? It’s all order-hundreds-of-men-to-be-crucified this, make-your-dragons-kill-hundreds-of-men that, make-every-male-character-that-meets-you-fall-in-love-with-you-apart-from-the-one-with-no-penis the other. Maybe there’ll be more chance for Clarke to flex her comedic muscles in Solo when it comes out next month.

The video also contains, as ruined in the thumbnail, a cameo from Kit Harington, aka Jon Snow, recently revealed to be the nephew of Clarke’s character. Last time we saw these two, of course, the light was bouncing off Harington’s flawless buttocks as he did the sex with his auntie on a boat.

(And, would it kill them to spring for dinner? If you’ve paid thousands of dollars to charity to get on set, you don’t want to get turfed out at five and have to sort out a Maccy D’s, do you? There’s load of food in Thrones - enough that there are recipe books inspired by the show. Odds are on any given day there’ll be a giant platter with a whole roast deer on it lying around, so surely they could find it within themselves to throw you together a sandwich.)

Details of a lot of season eight is under incredibly strict wraps, but some information has come out. One battle scene took a ludicrous 55 nights to film, and incredibly on-it site Watchers On The Wall keeps releasing details of casting calls. There’s not a lot of information to be gleaned from them (most are for roles like “Guard #2, a largeish man who gets stabbed” and “Girl, not wearing a top, good at screaming, gets stabbed”), but a few bits have been pieced together.

When we left the show, slimy sea-Goth Euron Greyjoy was off to recruit the mercenary Golden Company. Actor Marc Rissmann will be playing Harry Strickland, the sellswords’ leader. He’s the only new role with an actual name - oddly, there are quite a few callouts for actors with improvisation skills. Given how much story has to be told in just six episodes of the show, it’s strange to think that the producers want people to riff. We don’t need the Westeros equivalent of the “You know how I know you’re gay?“scene from The 40-Year-Old Virgin

There are also some details about filming locations - the Dragon Pit we saw last season is being revisited for a whopping four weeks of shooting, suggesting some pretty gnarly shit is likely to go down. Leaked images have shown an enormous castle-sized King’s Landing set. It’s just all going to be completely massive, isn’t it? The season has been described by HBO president Casey Bloys as being more like “six one-hour movies” than what we’re used to seeing on television. 

Game Of Thrones season eight will be on at an as-yet unconfirmed point in 2019. The set visit competition can be entered here

(Pics: Helen Sloan/HBO)