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'Game Of Thrones' fans will soon want to visit a small town in Idaho - here's why

Nerd pilgrimage ahoy!

'Game Of Thrones' fans will soon want to visit a small town in Idaho - here's why
05 April 2018

Think of Game Of Thrones and real-life places and you think of Northern Ireland, Croatia and Iceland - the places that double for Winterfell, King’s Landing and beyond the Wall in the show. People travel thousands of miles to retrace the steps made by their favourite Westerosis (is is Westerosis? If you live in Westeros, are you a Westerosi? A Westerosian? A Westerosser? That sounds like a supercar. No.), and will soon have a new destination to add to their wish-lists, one Cersei definitely doesn’t have on her giant walk-on map.

The small farming town of Kuna, 20 miles outside Boise, Idaho, population 15,210.

A local resident, Game Of Thrones superfan and town development engineer is naming streets after characters from the show. Jennell Hall of B&A Engineers, Inc is working on new development named Silver Trail, and pushing for it to have a bunch of streets named after GOT characters (as well as some from Firefly, the big nerd). 

“My supervisor just let me go wild, so I did,” she told local new development journal BoiseDev

Speaking to io9, she expanded: “In this one I’ve got Game of Thrones, Firefly, I’ve even thrown my son and my husband’s names in there. Basically I’m like, ‘Okay I’m a geek, I have a lot of fandom, [and] Game of Thrones is unique enough and big enough.’”

So far just two of the GOT-inspired streets are confirmed: Baratheon Avenue and Rickon Street. Baratheon, fair enough, but Rickon? Rickon’s rubbish! She told io9 that the thinking behind Rickon Street was that it was one of the smaller roads - fair enough. He was only little. Aww, poor Rickon. 

Rickon: dead as doornail but living on in the form of a small Idaho road

Still pending approval are roads named Sansa, Arya, Greyjoy, Podrick and Tyrion. Stark Street was rejected for sounding too much like the nearby Clark Street. Malcolm Way and Inara Avenue, both named after Firefly characters, have been approved.

The development is a few years off completion, so the show’s final season will have come and gone by the time it’s ready to move into. It might be worth waiting until after season eight if you’re thinking of moving in there - imagine being really chuffed to live on Hodor Street, then having a traumatic flashback every time you saw the name…

(Pics: HBO)