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​Galaxy launch all-new vegan 'milk' chocolate range

Vegans can finally branch out from dark chocolate

​Galaxy launch all-new vegan 'milk' chocolate range
Danielle de Wolfe
13 November 2019

A household name when it comes to confectionery, Galaxy has become the go-to chocolate brand for those in need of a sugar hit. Now though, for the first time since the brand first launched back in the 60s, the chocolatier is set to release a plant-based range catering to the nation’s ever-growing vegan community.

Available in three flavours: smooth orange, caramel and sea salt and caramelised hazelnut, the range uses hazelnut paste to create the same creamy characteristics seen in milk chocolate.

Up until this point, vegans have missed out on the brand’s tasty treats due to the dairy content of the bars - with only dark, dairy-free varieties from rival brands fitting the bill.

The brand has spent more than six months reformulating the recipe - which now incorporates rice syrup - in order to achieve the same mouthwatering taste with zero dairy.

Galaxy launch all-new vegan 'milk' chocolate range

“Wherever you look you can’t avoid the vegan buzz in the UK,” says Kerry Cavanaugh, Marketing Director at Mars Wrigley UK. “We're so excited to be bringing these delicious treats to Galaxy's range using a vegan recipe that doesn't compromise on the brand's signature smooth and creamy characteristics.”

The best part? The cardboard packaging is recyclable and the clear film the bar is encased in is compost friendly. It’s a win-win.

Galaxy is owned by the Mars corporation, home to some of your favourite treats, including Milky Way, Twix, Snickers and, funnily enough, Mars (which is pretty much the holy grail of chocolate bars).

News of the launch coincides with the news Galaxy are releasing a giant Christmas cakey cracker in time for the festive season, alongside a special range of Nescafe Dolce Gusto pods.

Aptly named the Cake Bar Cracker, the explosive offering contains a host of the brand’s best loved cake bar flavours, including orange and salted caramel, while the Nescafe Dolce Gusto hot chocolate capsules come in Twix, Milky Way, Galaxy and Maltesers varieties.

Anyway, back to the vegan offering.

Available from 18 November, the 100g bars will cost £3 and are set to be available from Tesco, Ocado, and Amazon.