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Here's how to get free fried chicken for four days this month

Because why wouldn't you do this?

Here's how to get free fried chicken for four days this month

Pop-quiz, hotshot: what is the only thing better than fried chicken?

Is it:

a) free fried chicken

b) winning the lottery

The answer is: TRICK QUESTION, SAPHEAD, they both are. However, whereas you are statistically unlikely to win the lottery, there is in fact a very good chance that you will be able to claim some free fried chicken. And next week is your best bet of doing it legally, because noted chicken-purveyors Billy and the Chicks in London are giving it away over four days during their ‘Chicken Fiesta’.

Starting on Monday 23 October, they’ll be chucking out a number of promotions that will enable your greedy mouth to close around some crunchy, spicy chicken like the absolute pelican that you are. They’ll be giving away 50 The Thigh Life chicken burgers from midday on the Monday 23rd October, and 50 Holy F*ck You’ve Pulled chicken boxes from midday on Tuesday 24th October.

What tastes better than fried chicken? Free fried chicken

“Oi, Mr Hungry Henry didn’t get any nam nam,” you say, you big, thigh-slapping, vest-tugging baby - well, don’t worry, because if you’re not lucky enough to get some of the un-priced goodies, you can still enjoy 50% off ALL food, anyway, so you’re only actually saving half the price if you get it for free, or something. 

Oh yeah, and if the thought of free fried chicken is working your slushy brain into an unadulterated tizzy, then on the third day of Chicken Fiesta, you can knock back free cocktails with your meal to take the heat off.

If you want this (why don’t you want this, you’re worrying me), then head down to Billy and the Chicks at 27-28 St Anne’s Court, W1F 0BW, from Monday 23 October to Thursday 26 October. An absolute no-brainer. No brains needed. Remove your brain. Ctrl-alt-delete on brains.

(Image: Billy and the Chicks)