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Forget about seeing the Apple Watch 2 any time soon

Forget about seeing the Apple Watch 2 any time soon

Forget about seeing the Apple Watch 2 any time soon
18 January 2016

Anyone with an ear to the tech-obsessed quarters of the internet will have heard rumblings of an Apple event springing up in March.

Some are linking it with the launch of an iPhone 6C - a new 4-inch handset that pumps new tricks into the body of an old iPhone 5S. Others believe that a new iPad Air 3 could slide into stores, with an even thinner body and full Pencil support. 

What you almost certainly won't get is a the Apple Watch 2. 

While the general cycle of portable Apple products dictates that hardware receives an annual upgrade, there have been no giveaway changes to Apple's vast component supply chain: Apple makes very little of what goes into its own products, sourcing individual components from smaller technology groups and packaging them into shiny, sleek designs. When Apple lines up a new iPhone or iPad, analysts will usually notice fluctuations in supply chains that suggest the immanent arrival of new hardware. 

Though a March Apple event would line up nicely with the reveal of a new Apple Watch model, TechCrunch has word that no 2.0 design is in the works. 

What could emerge is a tweaked Watch that sports a small FaceTime camera, allowing you to conduct socially awkward video calls from your wrist, rather than a cumbersome iPhone screen (or worse, iPad screen) - though even this design might not arrive until the annual September event at which Apple is expected to show off the iPhone 7.

Are you hankering after an Apple Watch with improved battery life and new tricks? Let us know.