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iPhone 6C: Apple's next phone will be a 4-inch upgrade

Forget the iPhone 7. The next iPhone will be the 6C, arriving "early 2016"

iPhone 6C: Apple's next phone will be a 4-inch upgrade
04 December 2015

Forget the iPhone 7. That won't arrive until 23 September 2016.

Your next Apple gadget is going to be the iPhone 6C - a 4-inch model that will undercut the iPhone 6S in price, but carry a lot of the same bells and whistles.

Word comes via Ming-Chi Kuo - one of the world's most accurate Apple analysts and former prophet of the iPad Pro, Apple Watch and 3D Touch screen - that Apple is looking to revamp the iPhone 5S to create the new iPhone 6C. Sticking with the same dimensions and camera tech as the previous flagship phone, the 6C will sport the new A9 processor and feature near field communications tech for Apple Pay.

Kuo believes the new model will see the 5S gain the gentle curves of the new 6 design, arrive in three colours (silver, gold and white) but won't inherit the 3D Touch screen of the new iPhone 6S. 

Set to arrive in "early 2016", you can expect it to fetch a similar price to the current iPhone 5S of around £380 to £420 - boosting a usually "slow" point in Apple's yearly sales.

Would you swap in your handset for the proposed iPhone 6C? Let us know below.

[Via: Apple Insider]