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Football scarves: winter’s biggest accessory trend

Tame the cold evenings with these terrace-inspired beauties

Football scarves: winter’s biggest accessory trend

Football hasn’t always been associated with being fashion forward, seeing that some players have diamond earrings bigger than their bank accounts and fans are often clad in blood stained trackies by halftime. But there is one stylish saving grace we can take away from the beautiful game: the scarves.

From intense colours, to bold branding, to decadent materials, football scarves are the perfect sports inspired piece to be picked up by brands and made into a must-have accessory for winter, because team inspired t-shirts just make you look like you want to be in Oasis.

So whether you’re a match day regular or just enjoy Gazza for the sheer level of his banter, here are the men’s scarves you need to jump on this season.


The skateboarding brand has made a football scarf for people who dislike both sports. And that’s fine, it’s 2016. Stop judging, you right wing pig. Just enjoy the warmth from this tasseled orange style and forget about it.



Monochrome is the way to go if you’re not sure about dedicating your allegiance to a cocktail of bright colours and want a scarf that’ll go with absolutely everything you own.


Savile Rogue

“Oooooh, 100 per cent cashmere, you say?” We do: this luxury scarf upgrade comes in 30 different colour combos and comes in a presentation box, which would make the perfect present for your pops for Christmas.



Just look at how tranquil and serene that baby blue is.You’re going to gutted when you inevitably spill curry sauce all over it.


A Kind Of Guise

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of its Munich store, German brand A Kind Of Guise is releasing just 30 designs of one-off football style scarves, featuring bold colours and Greek inspired designs. Warning: they wont be cheap. But you could be a knob about it and buy two and sell one on eBay to pay for the other.

Released 1 December

The Great Frog

Hey, goths can like football too. It’s not all graveyards and poetry. We’ve got it on good authority that Robert Smith was going to be a linesman before The Cure. So show off your dark side with this skull motif scarf from the iconic London jewellers.


Classic Football Shirts

Are you a hipster football fan? Struggle to conform with the rest of the sheeple on a Sunday? Then go retro with your scarf from a selection of vintage styles from seasons long gone and eat your gluten-free pie with the comfort of knowing no one else is wearing what you are.


The Horrors

As depressing as it is, the 2000s are now deemed as “retro”. The Strokes are now “oldies”. Buy, y’know what, it’s OK, because modern music is s*it and this new generation is wrong about everything. Go back to a simpler time and represent The Horrors, the big haired lot from Southend, with this album scarf,


adidas Bayern Munich

‘Tis the season to spend all your hard earned cash on overpriced frankfurters at German Christmas markets, so make sure you look the part with a Bayern Munchen scarf.



Although it says Bristol on it, it’s not actually in support of any South West team, as Soph created an imaginary team, “F.C Real Bristol”, as an independent label to express a new category that see football as a lifework. It also features a contrasting camoflague print on the inside, so you get two looks for your dosh.



Whether you’re off to watch footie or quidditch at Hogwarts, this deluxe cashmere scarf in Arsenal’s colourway is a longer, heavier and thicker alternative to official club styles.