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For a mere £340,000 you could own your own flying Iron Man suit

Live your Tony Stark fantasy

For a mere £340,000 you could own your own flying Iron Man suit
20 July 2018

How cool would it be if, like, you could actually fly? We’re not talking about in a plane or paragliding, you smart alecs. But really, truly flying.

Well, if you’ve got the cash, your dream of leaving us earthly landlubbers behind can be a reality because Selfridges is now selling a real-life, flying Iron Man suit for the utterly reasonable sum of £340,000.

The so-called Daedalus suit is the brain-child of British inventor and ultra-marathon runner Richard Browning, who demonstrated the technology at the high-end London department store on Wednesday.

Be warned though: there are only nine 3D-printed suits on offer.

The 27kg suits, sold with a course on how to fly them, have been produced by Browning’s company Gravy Industries, which describes itself as being able to “augment the body and mind with a suit of patent-pending technology to enable unparalleled human flight.”

The exo-skeleton suits run on jet fuel or diesel and can reach a speed of 30mph. They’re equipped with miniaturised jet engines and an in-camera helmet display, allowing wearers to vertically take off and land.

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Along with the hefty price tag, one significant drawback is just how energy inefficient they are.

“This consumes about four litres a minute in the hover [position] so you can fly for three or four minutes quite easily and we have got another version — certainly on a cold day when you get more thrust, it’ll fly for about nine minutes,” Browning said, according to Reuters.

The Daedalus exo-skeleton suit will set you back £340,000

So if you’ve got the dough, get one of these suits and live your Tony Stark fantasy. In all honesty, is there a better way of spending your money? We think not. 

(Images: Iron Man / Marvel / Getty)