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Fantastic Shifting Watch Design

Fantastic Shifting Watch Design

Fantastic Shifting Watch Design

Admit it. The first time you saw a chameleon at the zoo, you poked the glass in the hope of getting it to change colour, right? And you were gutted when all the lizard did was roll an eyeball in your direction in an act of scaly defiance? Then you'll be delighted to discover there's a watch in the works that will help heal this moment of disappointment.

At first glance, the FES Watch (which has nothing to do with small red hats) appears to be a novel digital watch mimicking the face of a traditional mechanical design - hours indicated in position with a digit, minutes with a hand. However, as soon as you return your wrist to your side, the whole display switches off. Things get even more confusing when the user presses a button, as the entire display and strap changes appearance.

Designed by Japanese start-up Fashion Entertainments and gifted minds of the Takt Project design firm, the FES owes its chameleon skills to an e-paper construction - the same screen system found in Kindles and other e-readers. As well as giving the watch its shape-shifting party trick, it also helps save a bundle of battery life, only calling on juice to illuminate the display when needed.

Currently a concept design, we're keeping our fingers crossed that the FES makes its way into production in the near future. Until then, we'll just have to go back to tapping at our Casios. 

(Images: Takt Project)