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Ex-Supreme Creative Director starts new trainer brand

It's not an easy band to move on from, but Brendon Babenzien has cracked it

Ex-Supreme Creative Director starts new trainer brand
02 September 2016

Supreme is one of the most hyped brands in the world, which sees lines of young hipsters lining up for hours and hours on release days ready to chuck their money at whatever they can get their hands on. So how do you possibly move on from being Creative Director of such a name? Well Brendon Babenzien has the answer: just release some absolutely hype worthy trainers.

The new trainer brand, Aprix, will specialize in timeless American skate shoes, with the first drops featuring two styles in a number of sleek colourways (the pastel colours especially), the first boasting a canvas upper with two-tone suede toebox on a Margom sole, while the second comes in a cleaner tennis shape with an all suede and all canvas upper.

The Aprix trainers are available exclusively in the Noah store in New York, but will launch globally in January 2017