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Every single picture of Future is your sunglasses inspiration

Fuck with the vision

Every single picture of Future is your sunglasses inspiration
22 May 2017

Future is the present: the impetus behind Drake’s switch from spoiled rich kid rap to genre-defying behemoth, the principle star of mumbling over trap beats, our ever-forceful inspiration for protection against harmful UV rays. 

The rapper born Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn values his eye health – and so should we all – and few since modern menswear forbears like Steve McQueen have done it so well. His Instagram is a veritable trove of eyewear stimulus, and with the tilt of our planet's axis about to gift us stellar summer vibes, the sun's rays are hitting us at a steep angle which means light doesn't spread as much as it does in winter, which increases the amount of energy hitting any given spot. It’s high time you took notice.

Given Future’s long almond face, large shades suit him down the fucking ground. Mirrored shades (like these Dior joints) are always his weapon of choice, and work in tandem with his off-duty look. Make him look dead futuristic-y, too: no wonder he’s called Future, ey! Ey???? 

A retro rectangular shape (like these by Celine), still worn oversize, that channels Italo Disco up top to combine with the showbiz Sherpa jacket. “Tellum we conquered Barclays if they ask,” writes Future. I’ll tellum, Future. I’ll tellumall. 

Knowledge is rich. Knowledge is power. The knowledge that jumbo Ray-Ban Clubmaster shades are an extremely good look for virtually everyone is safe. 

An underrated formalwear icon, Future serves you intergalactic diplomat dandy with a perfectly judged, totally grounded pair of modern shades with a complimentary steel bar across the nose-bridge. Drink it in and excel every step of the way.

Complimenting a brightly hued outfit with a more-subtly-shaded-but-still-defo-on-the-same-team pair of sunglasses might be a tricky move but when it pays off? Well worth it. Rosewater-y tortoiseshell jawns (such as these babies by Gucci) with a fuscia Gucci sweater and white jeans will never let us down.

A shot from Billboard magazine, Future’s blood orange mirror shades with gold arms perfectly live with the baby blue shirt and apricot slacks and the innate understanding that you are a legend among mortals, a king among men, and are operating in sartorial bullet time while everyone else stands there like a damn dummy. Believe.