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Ed Sheeran teams up with an unimpressed Kurupt FM in brilliant sketch

It's been filmed for Comic Relief

Ed Sheeran teams up with an unimpressed Kurupt FM in brilliant sketch

Ed Sheeran has basically taken over, so you’d better get used to it. Numbers one, four and five in the album chart, and 16 of the top 20 tracks in the singles charts. Just give up. It’s all over.

So another day, another piece of Sheeran content.

But before you roll your eyes, this is actually rather excellent. This new video, made for Comic Relief, sees him lined up by Chabuddy G to team up with the Kurupt FM guys, from the cult BBC comedy People Just Do Nothing, to make a track together.

Needless to say, after being promised a ‘major urban artist’, they are not impressed.

Speaking about the collaboration, Sheeran said: “It’s true that I’ve been in the studio working on a track with the People Just Do Nothing guys AKA Kurupt FM. They’ve taken our sessions away to mix, and I can’t wait to hear the end product. I totally trust Kurupt to produce something amazing and, without jinxing things, I think it could be up there with my best work.”

Chabuddy, meanwhile, said: “Kuruft FM featuring Ed Shearer! One of the most epic collaborations since peanut dust combined with martini to make the world famous Peanutini.”

It’s not yet been announced when the follow-up part of the sketch will be shown, but Comic Relief itself takes place on Friday 24 March.

Bring it on.