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Donald Trump's 'art' is going up for auction and oh man, it is terrible

His drawings are as good as his presidency

Donald Trump's 'art' is going up for auction and oh man, it is terrible

You might remember the Twitter account TrumpDraws from earlier in the year - the one that took the piss out of President #45 by pretending that he had the artistic abilities of a five-year-old child.

You know, like this:

And this: 

It worked because Trump’s presidency feels a lot like a small child being let loose with a freshly painted wall and a box of crayons, but we had no idea how accurate these fake drawings actually were.

See it turns out - who would’ve guessed - that Trump fancies himself as a bit of an artist. Totally unlike him to believe he’s good at something he possesses zero talent in, I know.

And a piece of that ‘art’, because really, it’s a slight on all other artists on the planet to write it without the air quotes, is about to go up for auction in Los Angeles.

It’s a drawing of the Empire State Building, and it looks like this:

Here, for reference, is a photograph of the actual Empire State Building:

They just about look like the same building - just - and that’s only because the Empire State Building is so iconic that you could assume almost any indeterminate drawing of a skyscraper might be someone trying to draw the Empire State Building.

The spire at the top is a totally different shape, the outside of the skyscraper has more layers than Trump’s depicted, he’s totally ignored the windows… it almost feels like he’s put the same care and attention into this drawing as he does into being president.

The most amazing thing about the picture is that Trump spent years living in Trump Tower in New York, which has a very clear view of the Empire State from many of its windows - Trump has literally been staring at this building for years of his life, and he still doesn’t know what it looks like.

The drawing was actually first sold at auction way back in 1995 at a Mar-a-Lago charity event, where it fetched less than $100.

However, it’s up for auction again at Julien’s Auctions on 19 October, in a collection called ‘Street, Contemporary and Celebrity Art’.

At that auction, it’s expected to fetch between $8,000-12,000. Twelve thousand dollars. For that.

Just trying to think, are there any other famous world leaders from history who fancied themselves as artists? Any similarities there? Comparisons to be drawn? I’ll leave that with you…

(Images: Julien’s Auctions / Pixabay)